CLEAR RIVERS introduces an all-inclusive approach to marine litter.

CLEAR RIVERS is brought to life in 2014 to find an active approach to the worldwide plastic pollution in open waters. CLEAR RIVERS works at the retrieval of debris in rivers and river mouths, sustainable re-use of plastics, organizing cleanups, creating awareness and education.

The letters of CLEAR outline the five elements of our approach:

Clean ups are organized to remove plastic litter from the river (shores) and to involve the local population and organizations.

Litter Traps are installed in the Port of Rotterdam, the Port of Brussels and in Ambon Indonesia. RIF is currently working on a fast international approach to retrieve marine litter in rivers before it reaches the seas and oceans.

Education about the plastic pollution, it causes and needed to be approached, is given at all levels of the educational system. Preventing plastic litter in the long term and to educate the next group of professionals to resolve this issue with the next decade(s).

Awareness is increased among the local population and organization to let them act towards plastic free rivers.

Recycling is used to give new value to the plastic litter and to prevent the plastics to be littered again. Durable new products are created with recycled plastics, such as our Litter Traps, a floating park, furniture, and building materials to improve the housing situation in less developed areas.

Together this creates an overall all-inclusive approach to marine litter in the short and long term.

CLEAR RIVERS benefits of six years’ experience in plastic retrieval, recycling and education. In Rotterdam (the Netherlands), Brussels (Belgium) and Ambon (Indonesia) successful projects are already ongoing with Litter Trap implementations, education and a range of circular products developed such as Litter Traps, a floating park, furniture, and building materials.

CLEAR RIVERS is a brand name of the Recycled Island Foundation a registered non-profit organization within the Netherlands.