Camilla Plastic Ocean Plan

Transmedial Storytelling: Camilla Plastic Ocean Plan

The integrative project „Transmedia Storytelling: Camilla Plastic Ocean Plan“ (CPOP) has been running since 2015. More than 100 students, alumni and professionals from different parts of the world are now involved.
The project was started at the Babelsberg Film University because the global media often show environmental problems in a way that makes us feel hopeless and empty. That’s why many people prefer to ignore the facts. But what about the world we want to live in? Can we use the expertise of filmmaking and the means of artistic research to experiment with images of a desirable world?
New things often arise from a combination of approaches that no one has previously connected. CPOP is a mix of fantasy setting in terms of environmental problems and serves as a mind opener. The Alfred Wegener Institute Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research contributes its scientific expertise. The scientists were willing to cooperate with us. In this way, we create a global multidisciplinary space to solve the complex problems.
Artistic research uses the method of transmedial storytelling. The short story about the protagonist Camilla is the common thread and leads through the exhibition. On the basis of the scientific cooperation, many artists and filmmakers have created various works that include sketches, paintings, film clips, VR and 360 degree film, sculpture, costume, etc.
CPOP provides an alternative starting point for thinking about environmental problems. Narratives create communities. Because people need inner images to focus on them.

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