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Mathilda Dsilva

To which topic does your idea refer?

Plastics in the Ocean

Describe your idea! How does it work to reduce / replace plastic? How will you involve others?

The OPP Mobile PTF units are able to convert plastic to fuel in mobile units that can be deployed via land and sea. These will be sent to remote poor island and coastal communities that are facing massive plastic pollution. The solution converts ALL plastic into low sulphur fuel, incentivising poor islanders to prevent throwing plastic into the sea because they can monetise it. We have partners onboard to create the containers, and a pilot project done. We aim to convert 2 tonnes of plastic a day,

Think bigger - What can you add to your idea to make it 1 million times more effective?

We are aiming to ramp up the machine to churn out 10 tonnes of ocean bound plastic into fuel.

Effectiveness: How much plastic can be saved with your idea?

730 tonnes per year per machine. We are looking for sponsors that will take on 10 machines per container ship, which can remove 7300 tonnes of ocean plastic per year, per ship. Once the machine is optimised this number will rise to 3650 tonnes per year. With sponsors onboard that will take on 10 machines per container ship, which can remove 36,500 tonnes of ocean plastic per year, per ship.

Reach: How many people can be reached with this idea?

Our pilot project machine which processes 100 kg of plastic to fuel benefits 3000 remote islanders in Medang, Indonesia. Our 2 tonne machine will be able to benefit approximately 60,000 poor islanders. There are 1.5 billion people living along coastlines in Asia.

Implementation: What does it take to realize your idea or make it even more successful?

We need financial sponsors, petrochemical mentors, maritime and shipping companies to sponsor the containers, island regional governments to participate in the pilot, film and documentary teams to help us document the undertaking.

Sustainability - How sustainable is your idea? What are the benefits for the environment?

Removing 7300 tonnes of ocean plastic will: Remove off-gassing of plastics that contribute to climate change Prevent marine ecosystems and wildlife from being damaged by plastics Solve the problem of ocean plastics originating from Asia with lack of responsibility Provide incentive for poor islanders to stop plastic pollution without need for government intervention