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No-Plastic Diaper


Jennifer Powell

To which topic does your idea refer?

Alternatives for Single Use

Describe your idea! How does it work to reduce / replace plastic? How will you involve others?

Every baby uses around 7.000 diapers until it can go itself to the toilet. All these diapers are single use and end up in the waste bin. They are not even recyclable. On the other hand cotton diapers are not convinient. They are linked to a feeling of discuss and discomfort. Also they come super bulky. Creating much more volume on the baby and being heavy. On the other side, the advantage is clear. No chemicals, no sweating/heating up. Less waste. Thus I would like to work with experts to develop a re-usable diaper. Based on the example of menstruation underwear I would like to develop a high absorbing, non-smelling, super comfortable equivalent for diapers.

Think bigger - What can you add to your idea to make it 1 million times more effective?

My idea can be used globally!

Effectiveness: How much plastic can be saved with your idea?

If every baby uses 7000 diapers. One diaper weights 40g. This makes 280kg of plastic per child. 1M children would cause 280M kg of plastic waste. To save this huge amount, is my dream!

Reach: How many people can be reached with this idea?

Every baby in the world could use it!

Implementation: What does it take to realize your idea or make it even more successful?

Still need to find the perfect fit and material as for the absorber.

Sustainability - How sustainable is your idea? What are the benefits for the environment?

If it is made of organic cotton then it would be super sustainable it could be used very long.