Fuel of ocean - Picture
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Fuel of ocean

To which topic does your idea refer?

Plastics in the Ocean

Describe your idea! How does it work to reduce / replace plastic? How will you involve others?

I would like to build a boat that collects plastic wastes in the oceans and directly extracts it into fuel. Thus the boat can sustain itself from the plastic caste collected.
There will be no issue with toxic fumes, as there will be enough filters in place.

Think bigger - What can you add to your idea to make it 1 million times more effective?

If I would have 10 boats like this working as transportation, while absorbing plastics. They would be very self-sufficient and collect a lot of plastics!

Effectiveness: How much plastic can be saved with your idea?

A lot of tons!!

Reach: How many people can be reached with this idea?

Not people but tons of plastics.

Implementation: What does it take to realize your idea or make it even more successful?

Still trying to figure out, how to set it up best. Machines exist. But it is very expansive to put it together.

Sustainability - How sustainable is your idea? What are the benefits for the environment?

The toxic foams can be absorbed.