Precious Plastic

The plastic problem is crystal clear by now.
If you’re on this webpage, chances are you know this already.
And understand its gravity.

Precious Plastic exists to reduce plastic waste.
Sometimes we do it through boosting recycling. Sometimes through
new biodegradable materials. Some other time by adopting zero-waste lifestyles.
Whatever works.

Our solutions see people as the key element to fix the plastic mess.
Precious Plastic approaches count on people to bring about the necessary change.
Small steps, multiplied by millions. That’s where we can win our battle.
We don’t believe in techno-utopian, fix-it-all, dream technology.

Precious Plastic is a combination of people, machines, platforms, and knowledge
to create an alternative global recycling system.

Everyone can join the Precious Plastic Universe (yes you too!).
You can go full in and start a Precious Plastic space or support when and how you can.

Your Precious Plastic gang 🤙