Polimeer – On demand Design in Recycled Plastic

“Design is a vehicle for improving life”

The world is filled with plastic, putting stress on our ecosystems and our health. People are increasingly conscious and looking for sustainable options. Polimeer sees plastic as a precious resource and not as a waste, they provide people with the opportunity to style their homes beautifully and guilt-free, by expressing their own identity without causing more environmental damage around them. 

5 years ago, Alessandro and Bob couldn’t find recycled plastic in the market to use for their own designs. Without proper means to create sustainably, the question raised was: how to reuse the same materials differently instead of always creating with virgin materials ?

For this reason, they started crafting plastic into unique and long-lasting objects and home decor. To adapt to everyone’s needs and to the environment, they created an on-demand production model with the help of digital manufacturing. This innovative approach allows to prevent unnecessary stock and produce as local, sustainable and transparent as possible, avoiding any addition to the plastic waste issue. Because small actions can have the greatest impacts, Polimeer wants to slowly but radically change the recycling industry from within and end the fast-consuming model.

Their mission is to disrupt the unsustainable design online market to guide buyers through sustainable design alternatives so that it is easier for them to make the right choice. 

Polimeer’s goal is to convert 1 ton of plastic by 2021. To do so they have: a committed team formed by brilliant minds, beautiful designs and a freshly launched minimalistic webshop. They want to spread the word that the plastic recycling revolution has started – let’s make an impact now!