Ozeankind® e.V.

"Many little people in many little places, doing many little things, can change the face of the world," say Marina and Micha von Ozeankind.

Ozeankind® e.V. is a German environmental protection organization with a single focus: plastic waste. We carry out international education and recycling projects for children and give everything when it comes to education, clean-ups or trying to change the mindset of as many people as possible.

We all live on this ONE planet and we have NO TIME. Blame is of little avail here. We believe that the key lies in enlightenment and a growing awareness of the issue. Because only those who understand - even if only to a certain extent - the background can develop a sense of responsibility. Whether in Germany or on a Maldivian native island.

None of this is rocket science and it is even fun. We are convinced that only if you delete the sentence "I can't change anything in this world" from your vocabulary, you will suddenly see possibilities for change. Start small, at your own pace, don't get discouraged and just have fun with change.