After All - The culture of nature, archeology of the future, part 2

The video 'After All' deals with the modern dualism of nature and culture. It demands a critical engagement for the environment and fights for human survival from an artistic position.

The juxtaposition of culturally important artifacts and waste products of our civilization opens a discourse about the coordinates of our life. The objects depicted come from the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and from the oceans of the world.

An archive of sculptures made of various plastic materials found on the seashore will be compared with archaeological and cultural artefacts, from early civilizations to the present day. The objects are alternated with quotes from various authors, historians and scientists.

The global economic system no longer serves the needs of the 'human family'. Further economic concepts and more control will not solve the worsening crisis. We need new and creative possibilities for coexistence between nature and society.

Is the difference we humans make between culture and nature not self-made? Are we humans not part of this one, coherent nature? And doesn't nature itself possess an inherent culture? Is it perhaps this culture that we humans should strive for?

The finds are considered to be representatives of a past epoch that has brought to light an indescribable amount of rubbish. On the other hand, these sad relics have their own sculptural strength and beauty in addition to their destructive energy. This paradox plays ironically with the values and ideas of Western art history.

AFTER ALL' continues the video series of 'I SEA'. It will be presented in the official selection at the AVIFF Art Film Festival Cannes 2019 and at the Architektur.Film.Sommer 2019 of the Architekturzentrum Wien. In 2018 it was shown for the first time at ARTNIT - Festival of contemporary art in Campos, Mallorca.