Plastic Revolution Makeathon September 4-6, 2020

The Makeathon is over - Thank you for your active participation :-)

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How does it work?

The Plastic Revolution Makeathon is an online event that brings innovative young talent and experts together in order to collaborate, test, and prototype ideas into sustainable solutions. This is a unique opportunity to meet other people who are as excited about fighting the plastic epidemic as you are.

Once ideas are registered and teams created, we invite all participants to take part in a Makeathon weekend, led by us. You can register your idea or support a team. This is a testing and refinement platform where you will have the ability to delve deeper into your idea with the help of experts from different fields.

All presented ideas will gain visibility through international public voting. The best ideas will advance to the next phase, could yours be one of them?

Who will participate?

Team Leads/ Idea Owners - have a great solution idea and register it as an individual or as part of a team.

team members - don't have a team or an idea of their own, but are eager to support solution ideas from others.

Skill Mentors - have specific skills that are valuable then it comes to develop, scale and execute innovative ideas Or getting insights into sustainability or the plastics industry. They will serve to assist teams in developing and refining their ideas by lending their topic-specific skills and expertise.

Team Mentors - will guide the teams and individuals throughout the whole Makeathon.

Plastic Revolution Team and Volunteers - will be here for you regarding all of your questions, concerns, and ideas about the Makeathon process.

expert sessions

Our program offers access to expert sessions with the purpose to enrich the idea creation and enhancement.

Friday 04.09

11:00 - 11:45 Exclusive Pre-Session "Plastic Soup" - live online presented by Maritime Museum Rotterdam with Carlo Wesseling / The Ocean Cleanup, Richard Hardiman / RanMarine Technology, #Wasteshark, Ramon Knoester /CLEAR RIVERS.


All sessions will be live-streamed on the Plastic Revolution Facebook page. All times in CEST, Berlin Germany!

16:00 - Welcome ceremony by the Institute for Art and Innovation (Introduction session on the ins and outs of this Makeathon)

16:30 - Opening keynote by Sian Sutherland / A Plastic Planet

17:00 - "Thinking 10x for bigger impact" - Adrian Wons / pride of a carriage

6:00 p.m. "How to create an outstanding value proposition for impact?" – Louise Fuglsang / Futurice

19:00 - "The moment durable plastics became too durable for this world" - Stefaan De Wildeman / B4plastics

20:00 - Evening Check-out with Tom Szaky / TerraCycle

Saturday 05.09

9:00 - Morning check-in

9:30 - "Seeing red: solutions to the plastic problem in menstruation" - Kathy Walkling

10:00 - "Understand your idea within the bigger context" - Marcel Aberle / Future Institute

11:00 - "How to spread the word and engage your audience - Fundamentals of Growth Marketing" - Philine Möller, growth marketing expert

12:00 - "Impact investing - Let's talk about money!" – Lubomila Jordanova / PlanA

1:00 - "What does it need to make an idea happen?" – Maximilian Glass / Less Waste Club

14:00 - "Rethinking our relationship with plastic - or how to change consumer behaviour" - Sebastian cousin / Hacking Cultural Beliefs

3:00 pm - "Reuse and Upcycling: Are scalable solutions possible?" – Livia Zimerman / Era zero waste

16:00 - Evening Check-out

Sunday 06.09

9:00 - Morning check-in

10:00 - "Pitch Deck 101 - How to create a convincing pitch deck for impact ideas" - Nick de la Forge / Planet A

11:00 - "Video Pitch 101 - How to create a convincing audio-visual pitch" - Kerem Erguen, Storyteller

12:00 - Closing note for Makeathon

-> 24:00 - Deadline for final idea submission

We will cover the following solution areas:

During the Makeathon, all teams will have the opportunity to meet experts in their respective categories (listed below) in order to further refine their idea:

Material Innovation

Plastics in the Ocean

Alternatives for Single Use

Alternatives for Microplastic

circular economy

recycling and waste management

Reuse and Upcycling

Initiatives and Interventions

information and education


Ideas will be judged on how well your idea achieves the following criteria:

1. impact - How much plastic does your idea conserve?
2nd Reach - How many people will be affected by your idea?
3. implementation - What is the feasibility of your solution being implemented at a global scale?
4. environmental - What is the overall environmental impact of your idea?