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Hope Ezeribe

To which topic does your idea refer?

Recycling and Waste Mgt.

Describe your idea! How does it work to reduce / replace plastic? How will you involve others?

The challenge of waste disposal has become one of the most serious environmental problems facing many cities in Nigeria due to the peculiarity of its shallow aquifers (unconfined, porous, permeable and shallow water table). The million tonnes of plastic that litters our street clog up the waterways and drainages eventually end up in the oceans every year are threatening biodiversity, human health, and also resulting to environmental hazards ranging from flooding to unhealthy atmosphere in most parts of the city.

Environmental Patch Recycling (ENVOPATCH) is a waste management organization registered under CAC/RC/NO 3049055 centred on community development which broadly cuts into health, education, environment and cultural diversity. Our business is located at the heart of Owerri, Imo State. Her aim is to develop the communities in Nigeria using every means we have available to us to enrich the society closest to us. Our goal is to encourage and motivate Nigerians to recycle and make the country a better ecological place by stopping plastic pollution. To achieve this, we introduced an incentivized recycling programme "Waste to wealth" where citizens will be rewarded for every recyclable waste sorted from sources (landfills, market places, resort centres, schools etc) and loyalty towards appropriate waste disposal and management.
The perceived challenge in waste management led to the need for smart and rewarding way of encouraging users to dispose waste appropriately through an easy to use technology-driven automated and incentivized system. It was established that the social behaviour of citizens can be improved by introducing smart incentives as the motivation for appropriate waste management.
With the use of the "waste to wealth smart-kit", recyclables will no longer go into drainages leading to flooding and unhealthy atmosphere, recyclables will no longer be burnt as practices in some places polluting the environment, and recyclables will no longer occupy landfills spaces.

Think bigger - What can you add to your idea to make it 1 million times more effective?

To get everyone involved in the fight against plastic pollution and indiscriminate waste disposal. Introduction of smart incentives to motivate individuals for appropriate waste disposal. Public awareness and recycling education. Monthly cleanup exercise and recycling awareness. Continues engagement and collaboration with stakeholders in the waste management industries and Government authorities.

Effectiveness: How much plastic can be saved with your idea?

Within the period of a month 5tonnes of plastic bottles was diverted from landfill and marine environment.

Reach: How many people can be reached with this idea?

This project will not only benefit the environment but the economy and society at large as we work towards clean and sustainable environment and job creation.

Implementation: What does it take to realize your idea or make it even more successful?

Continues engagement, partnership, collaboration and sponsorship. Public awareness and recycling education Monthly cleanup exercise and recycling awareness

Sustainability - How sustainable is your idea? What are the benefits for the environment?

Objectives of Envopatch Recycling are; To get everyone involved in the fight against plastic waste and indiscriminate waste disposal through recycling, education and public awareness. To increase awareness on issues of waste management and inculcating the mentality of maintaining a clean and safe environment among individuals of all ages and sex. To educate the society the need for recycling of plastic waste, thereby benefit from the value attached to it. To reduce the input of plastic to landfill. To stop incineration thereby reduce, air pollution and carbon footprints. To raise an army of environmentally responsible citizens. To increase environment sustainability which will bring new opportunities for innovation and job creation, in line with the objectives of the united nation sustainable development goals. Raising public awareness about plastic pollution and environmental impact. To restore the glory of Imo state as a clean and greener state. To promote approaches to reduce inputs into marine environment. To encourage and motivate Nigerians to recycle and make the country a better ecological place.